What to Expect

Needless to say, we at Race Concepts are car lovers before everything else. So, we can understand our customers’ need to drive away in a car that feels exactly the way they imagined. Here is what you can expect when you drop your vehicle off at our facility.

Surveying the need

Every car is different, because every customer has a different need from their car. Which is why we spend ample time talking with our customers and understanding their requirements.

We then create a custom build and a suite of services that exactly fit the requirement.

Pre-service care

After helping you decide the right set of modifications, we wash your vehicle and ensure that it is kept in an excellent condition. We then perform a thorough inspection to ensure that the vehicle is in a good state throughout the process.

Trustworthy engineers

We treat your car like it is one of our own. In fact, the same engineers and technicians who work on our race cars, work on your vehicle.

Safe storage

Our 15,000 sq ft facility is designed to ensure that no customer car is kept outside overnight. Further, we employ stringent measures to ensure that your vehicle is securely stored.

Pre-delivery check listing

We always make sure that the car is in prime condition before delivery by performing a full clean-up as well as a thorough inspection of the car.

Return of old equipment

You can find the old parts that we’ve replaced, neatly stored in the boot of your car.

Tutorial drives at time of delivery

At the time of delivery, we make sure to take our customers on a ‘tutorial drive’, to make sure that they are fully aware of, and equipped to handle the modifications on board. It is a priority of ours to make sure that you drive out of the facility with zero doubts or concerns.

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