Race Concepts is a one-stop performance destination. The 15,000 sq ft state-of-the-art workshop is equipped to carry out anything from a simple oil change to a full race car build, and our technicians are fully trained to fabricate and fit what is required for you to race at the track or to just drive on the street. In fact, you can literally drop off a bare shell and drive away in it within 2 to 3 months.

Dyno Tuning

A Dynamometer, or Dyno as it is widely known, is crucial when it comes to accurately measuring horsepower, understanding the health of an engine and to get precise tunes and reliability. Which is why, we use a state-of-the-art hybrid drive Dyna RD Dynamometer at our facility. We offer services for motorsport based developments, general power check-up and accurate ECU tuning. All dyno sessions are paired with professional consultation and come with a graph and horsepower reading.

General Maintenance

We offer general maintenance service for all kinds of cars including but not limited to hatchbacks, SUVs, premium & luxury sedans. Customers who build their cars with us insist on getting their cars maintained at our facility because of our quick service bays and dedicated team of experts that ensure a high level of satisfaction.

Engine Building

At the heart of any major performance upgrade is the engine. Which is why, all engine work and porting, including mild, bridge, peripheral and turbo ports, is done in-house and carried out under the strict supervision of Joel himself. With over 15 years of experience in building cars, Joel possesses all the right tools and techniques to build a motor to exact tolerances. We are equipped to perform motor rebuilds to suit all applications from standard street usage to 1600+hp race engines, with every engine build tailored to the customer needs or class requirements. In addition, blue printing, lightening, engine dowelling and balancing services are also available.


Our experienced team of fabricators can take on a whole host of fabrication needs. We also ensure industry leading quality and strength thanks to expert workmanship and welding techniques. It is because of such a high standard that our customers trust us with everything from something as simple as custom intercooler piping to building a complete chassis with a roll cage to FIA / FMSCI specifications for motorsport applications. Further, our workshop is equipped with the right infrastructure to get the job done on time, and our vast experience on the track and in the industry will ensure it’s done right.

Body and Paint Shop

Our team of body shop and paint experts can restore your car to its original glory or transform it to custom requirements. A 7m long dedicated paint booth, state-of-the-art body shop equipment and some of the most experienced hands in the industry ensure highest levels of quality and finish.

Competition Cars

We design and build competition cars in part or whole. We offer engineering solutions to build a complete race car package - including chassis, engine, transmission, electronics, suspension, brakes, vehicle dynamics, fabrication, complete testing - all under one roof.


We stock a wide range of genuine parts, from performance enhancing bits to simple service items for numerous makes and models, in addition to our own range of custom parts and accessories. If there is anything you need we've got it.

Support Team

Our services don’t just end at the workshop. They extend out into motorsport events across the country. We always have a dedicated support team present at every motorsport event in which our cars or drivers participate.

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