The products manufactured by Race Concepts are a result of top-of-the-line materials, cutting-edge production technologies and a highly qualified team of engineers. Further, the products are available in a variety of options to make sure that the parts we use, suit your vehicle perfectly.

Air Intake Systems

Changing a car’s air intake system is one of the first steps in tuning an engine. It brings gains across the power band, benefiting both petrol and diesel engines.

Performance Exhaust Systems

The exhaust systems we develop are made completely in-house, and are a result of extensive R&D on both the race track and the Dyno. The exhaust systems are built to offer the most optimised tuned lengths and also to deliver maximum power gains.

Cylinder Head Tuning

Optimising the intake and exhaust geometry with flow tested and precision made cylinder heads, in addition to refinements to the combustion chamber provides great improvements in power and torque across the rev range.

ECU Tuning / Remapping

Race Concepts offers standalone, piggyback units and remapping services for cars to enhance the engine power, torque, driveability and efficiency by means of Dyno based tuning.

Brake Upgrades

Upgrading to high performance brake pads, slotted or vented discs, braided brake lines and larger diameter brake kits improves the stopping power for better control and safety.


Lowering springs or coilover systems provide improved road hugging characteristics, increasing the stability of your car at high speeds and under braking.


Our range of close ratio gears, final drives, main shafts and counter gears are designed in-house, and are a result of the R&D accrued on the race track. We develop specific ratios for Naturally Aspirated, Forced Induction and Motorsport applications.

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