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Solid and accurate principles are the basis on which we have built our calibration knowledge. Using a careful and deliberate approach to each engine management solution we are able to extract the most horsepower, driveability, and consistent results out of virtually ANY system. Our experience has led us to tune many race winning cars, which exceed expectations on motor reliability, easily gaining their owners 50-100% more time than expected on a single engine package.

Dyno Tuning Rates

Factory ECU Calibration is presented as a flat rate fee for your first visit to AMS. Generally, most cars are finished within the 2 hours included in the flat fee. Additional time, if necessary, will be billed at $300/hr. Any subsequent returns to our dyno will vary based on the amount of work needed for the new tune, please call or email for a quote. All dyno tunes include a print-out of your dyno chart.


Pricing varies by model and modification level, please email or call for pricing.