Why Racing Could Be The Marketing Solution For A Stuttering Automotive Industry

Nov 21, 2019

The recently released movie, Ford vs Ferrari or Le Mans ’66 as it’s known in Europe, has been creating a buzz among auto enthusiasts and casual motorists alike. And despite the thrills and spills explored in the movie while telling the compelling tale of how Ford decided to conquer Le Mans, there was actually a very corporate reason at the heart of Ford’s actions, and it wasn’t Ford’s enthusiasm for racing. It was their enthusiasm to sell cars.

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3 reasons why coilovers are just what your car needs

Apr 20, 2020

Among all the products that we offer here at Race Concepts, we seem to get the highest number of questions about coilover suspension systems. The first and most frequently asked question is always about ride height. Then it goes to ride comfort, stability at higher speeds and so on. So, we thought we’d write a quick blog about suspension systems to address, and hopefully answer these questions.

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